About Ecola’s Application Process,

The application for admission to Ecola Bible College is not read until all of the component parts are submitted. It is important, then, to be sure to check that all necessary documents are included. Once all of these parts, including references, arrive at our office, the file is read by one of our directors. If everything is in order and it appears that the applicant is ready to attend, the application is accepted and a letter of acceptance is sent.

It is not uncommon to have waiting lists in the summer, which means that there are more students applying than the school can hold. However, that does not mean that enrollment is completely closed. Those accepted after the enrollment for their gender’s dorms is full, are placed on a waiting list in the order of their acceptance. Should a spot open up, as often happens, the next person on the waiting list is given an opportunity to pay the deposit and secure that spot.

View the Academic Calendar for application deadlines.

Application Form

Student applications are kept strictly confidential and read only by a director, dean, or related staff. To help us make an informed determination of your readiness to attend, please be candid.

*Note: Handwriting your paragraph answers first and then going back to the application form and filling it out in one sitting may prevent timing out and losing your entry.

Three references are required and these forms can be downloaded from the forms page. You should choose people who know you fairly well for these references. Please remember to sign the personal waiver in the upper right hand corner before giving the reference forms to your referees. The form should be completed by the referee and mailed or faxed directly to us.

Pastoral Reference Form

This reference is for your lead pastor who has witnessed your involvement with the church from a distance.


Church Leader Reference Form

This reference is for a leader who has walked closely with you in the church context.


Teacher/Employer Reference Form

This reference is for a teacher or employer who has seen your work ethic and your conduct outside of the church.

Transcript Request Form

For those who have completed the full year at Ecola Bible College and would like transcripts sent to an employer or academic institution.

*Requests take two weeks to process and your signature is needed to process the request.