Our Mission,

Our mission at Ecola is to equip our students for the many challenges of the Christian life by helping them to build strong spiritual foundations, rooted in an understanding of God’s Word. We carry out this mission in a single year with an intensive but practical course of study that focuses on the spiritual formation that is essential for a successful and exciting walk with Christ. Students who finish the program and receive their diploma will have substantially advanced their knowledge of God, the Holy Bible, and Christian doctrine, through about 500 classroom hours of focused study.

Program Style,

All classes are lecture-style with the entire student body in attendance at each session. Every week two new subjects are taught by two new instructors. These subjects each fit into the larger courses that make up the program. For example, Christian Doctrine is a course that is composed of classes on God the Father, Soteriology, Ecclesiology, God the Son, The Holy Spirit, and Eschatology.

The subjects in these courses are taken non-sequentially, which allows for a great deal of variety in the material covered from week to week. Typically, there are ten classroom hours for each subject covered, totaling around 20 classroom hours per week. The year at Ecola consists of three terms, Fall, Winter, and Spring, which are nine, eight, and seven weeks long respectively. Students may take the terms in any order and even over several years. When all three terms have been finished, the course of study will be complete and the student will graduate.

Class Schedule,

Fall Speaker Schedule

Classes begin each morning at 9:00 am Monday through Friday with a half-hour devotional session, followed by a one-hour class, half-hour coffee break, and a second one-hour class. Students are free to use their afternoons for work, study or recreation. Evening classes are held from 7:00-9:00 pm except Wednesdays, when classes are held early in the afternoon to keep the evening free for outreach opportunities.