Financial Aid,

Ecola Bible College strives to provide a doctrinally sound, high quality Biblical education at a cost that should prohibit no one. To that end, we work to keep overall student costs as low as possible. We also offer a number of financial aid options that can significantly reduce the cost of attendance. The primary financial aid options avaible through Ecola and the Cannon Beach Christian Conference Center (CBCC) are listed below.


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The CBCC offers Ecola students who have financial needs an opportunity to work on campus during the school year through the Ecola Part-Time (EPT) program. Students who are accepted into this program are guaranteed a minimum of 6 hours of work each week (more hours may be offered based on availability and the merit of the worker). The minimum expected financial benefit to a student will be between $1,000 - $1,400, for the school year.


Students who need summer employment, and who would like to earn money toward their year at Ecola, are encouraged to apply to join the CBCC summer staff prior to the school year they wish to attend. In addition to living in Cannon Beach, and gaining valuable work experience in a respected Christian ministry, students are able to earn $2,000 or more during the summer months, and are then eligible for special scholarships. Combined, the student's earnings and scholarship funds can total up to $3,000 for the summer of employment.


Students who have financial needs are able to apply for a need-based scholarship each term. The maximum amount of help a student may receive from this fund is $200 per term, for a total possible benefit of $600 for the year. Need-based scholarships cannot be combined with early payment discounts.


Beyond these options, there are many other possibilities for students who need a little extra financial help. Many of our students appeal to their home churches for support. Others apply for scholarships from a variety of local organizations in their communities.

We encourage prospective students to trust the Lord for provision as they prepare to study and grow at Ecola. Paying for a year of college, whether a small Bible school or a large university, can be a little daunting, but every year students attend Ecola without accumulating any school debt. Most of our students fund their year of Bible study with a combination of help from a summer job, help from parents, savings, gifts from family and church members, church scholarships, and need-based scholarships.