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An epic adventure awaits you!

in Cannon Beach, OR

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What is Ecola?

Have you ever contemplated the meaning of life? Or, have you ever stopped to think about how you could spend your relatively few years on Earth in the most meaningful, fulfilling, and eternally relevant way? We sure have. The opportunities that life affords us are infinite, and the paths we may choose from are many, but what is your purpose in this life?

At Ecola we believe the answers to these timeless questions are found in and through a personal relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ, and a careful study of His Word. Unlike other learning institutions, where much of the focus is on developing job skills and retaining information, Ecola Bible College exists to develop disciples who are equipped to face the many challenges of the Christian life with faith, courage, and purpose.

We carry out this mission by offering students a short-term but practical course of study, focused on genuine spiritual growth and practical application, and all at a cost that should prohibit no one. If you are seeking answers to life’s biggest questions, and desire to live an adventurous Christian life that counts, Ecola may be just what you’ve been looking for.

Student Testimonies


Blake Gallahar

- Class of 2019

“My time at Ecola has been a growing experience and a year I will never forget - the adventures with friends and the time spent studying God’s Word. This year I’ve learned to trust in God’s plan for me and put my life entirely in His hands. My relationship with Jesus has grown so much stronger since coming to Ecola and will impact me for the rest of my life.”


Kendra Watterson

- Class of 2017

“Ecola was the place where my faith became my own, where God captured my heart and slowly, gently, beautifully revealed to me His love. It was the place where I experienced Christian community, where I learned to fight spiritual battles, and where I learned what ‘praying without ceasing’ means.”


The Andersens

- Class of 2008 & 2011

“Ecola Bible College will forever hold a special place in our hearts. Not only is it the place where we met and fell in love, but it is also the place where we met God and understood more deeply His love for us. Ecola is truly a place to encounter the Lord and make friendships that will last you an eternity.”


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