While grades and report cards are not issued at Ecola, scores from the student’s weekly tests and assignments are recorded for his or her official transcript. Should a graduate of Ecola wish to transfer credit, the scores recorded on the student’s official transcript aid registrars from other learning institutions in determining the student’s academic ability and initiative. Transcripts revealing an above-average effort will ensure maximum transferability of credit.

Although Ecola is not accredited, a number of Christian colleges and universities offer Ecola graduates significant transfer credit. The registrar of each institution determines the number of credits that will transfer. Factors affecting the decision will be the scores reflected in the student’s official transcript and the degree program for which the student is applying. Students who wish to continue their education after graduating from Ecola should make themselves aware of the list of schools offering significant transfer of credit to Ecola graduates.

Below is a list of schools that offer significant transfer of credit for Ecola graduates. There are also a number of unlisted schools with whom we do not have a formal agreement that have given transfer credit.

  • Alaska Bible College - Palmer, Alaska

  • Briercrest Bible College - Caronport, Saskatchewan

  • Colorado Christian University - Lakewood, Colorado

  • Corban University - Salem, OR

  • Emmaus Bible College - Dubuque, IA

  • Montana Bible College - Bozeman, MT

  • Moody Bible Institute - Chicago, IL

  • Multnomah University - Portland, OR

  • Oak Hills Christian College - Bemidji, MN

  • Prairie College - Three Hills, Alberta

  • Shasta Bible College - Redding, CA