Requirements, Rules, and Policies,

Ecola is a community of Christians seeking to grow in conformity to the character of Jesus Christ. No community can exist without guidelines. The following are the minimum requirements for a student to remain enrolled in our program. It is assumed that those who desire to attend the school are in agreement with the aim and purpose of Ecola and desire to apply themselves to the study and application for which this institution exists. Students who attend are expected to maintain the high moral standards of the Scriptures.

Like any Christian community, Ecola Bible College has established standards by which students must abide. In some cases, these standards reflect the deeply held doctrinal beliefs of Ecola, and in other cases they are established for pragmatic reasons, or in cooperation with the Cannon Beach Christian Conference Center, or the laws of the City of Cannon Beach. Additionally, Ecola Bible College makes every effort to create an environment that is conducive to spiritual growth, unencumbered by the pitfalls and distractions often present in day-to-day life.

For these reasons, the community standards of Ecola are necessarily high, reflecting a student body that is devoted to deepening their fellowship with Christ, while not lapsing into legalism or unreflective fundamentalism.


1. While a high school diploma is not required, the minimum age for attendance at Ecola is 18 years.

2. Medical coverage for students attending is strongly advised. Ecola has no medical treatment facilities and does not supply student medical insurance. Students will be required to sign a medical waiver form if they do not have medical insurance.

3. The use of illegal drugs, marijuana, alcohol, and tobacco is not allowed on or off campus. Those using these substances should not apply for admission.

4. Any applicant convicted of a felony will not be allowed to attend Ecola until at least one year from the end of their parole and/or probation.


5. Class attendance on time is expected. The primary reason for Ecola’s existence is the teaching received in class, therefore all students are required to be in class except for illness or excused absence.

6. Dress in the classroom should be in good taste. Modesty and consideration for others is the general rule. Students should consider the Christian atmosphere of the campus and be appropriately dressed outside of class.

7. Drinks are permitted in the classroom, but they must be in spill-proof containers.


8. Students must be 20 yrs. old to live off campus.

9. Women are not allowed in men’s dorms, and men are not allowed in women’s dorms. The only exception is during a designated open house each term. Disregard of this rule will result in automatic expulsion.

10. Curfew is enforced. Students are to be in their dormitories by 12:00 am, Sunday through Thursday, and by 1:00 am, Friday and Saturday.

11. Courtesy hours begin at 10:00 pm Students are expected to be quiet in consideration of those who wish to sleep or study.

12. Students under 21 are to receive permission for overnight absences from the dormitory supervisor and appropriate dean. Permission will be granted at the school’s discretion.

13. Music equipment must be used with courtesy. During business hours, music must be kept very low as the dormitories are located over offices and conference facilities. Music should be selected in harmony with Philippians 4:8 and the selections and volume should not be offensive to others. Headphones are encouraged.

14. Televisions, DVD players, projectors, weight training equipment, weapons, microwaves, and other kitchen appliances are not allowed.


16. Vehicles must be registered with the Ecola office and parked only in designated areas.

17. Bicycles are not allowed in dormitory rooms or other Ecola buildings, except for the designated bicycle storage area.


18. When a student leaves Ecola, whether for voluntary or punitive reasons, within the first three weeks of each term, one-half of room, board, tuition, and facilities fees will be refunded. Between three and five weeks, one-quarter will be refunded, and if more than five weeks of the term have passed, no money will be refunded.

19. If discounts have been taken for early payment, those amounts will be subtracted from the refund.