About Ecola,


What is Ecola?

Ecola is a one year Bible school designed for people who want to study the Scriptures and learn how they apply to life. A warm supportive family atmosphere, and the seclusion and rugged beauty of the North Oregon Coast provide the setting.


Is Ecola affiliated with any denomination?

No. Ecola is an inter-denominational non-profit organization in the conservative evangelical tradition. Read Ecola’s Statement of Faith.


What is Ecola’s relationship to Cannon Beach Christian Conference Center?

The Conference Center and Ecola Bible College are two separate organizations. Ecola rents facilities from the Conference Center, and their kitchen staff provides our meals. The Conference Center also frequently hires Ecola students part-time during the school year.


How are Ecola’s classes set up?

Read the Program page.


Can I get transfer credit for Ecola?

Many Christian schools will offer varying amounts of transfer credit to Ecola students. Read our Transcripts page for details.


How do I order transcripts? Is there a fee?

Ecola provides transcripts for its alumni at no charge. However, a signature is required to release this information to another school. Download a transcript request from the Transcripts page.



What are the different payment options for tuition?

Credit or debit card, check, or cash. There is a 2% fee for tuition payments made by credit card or over the phone.


When are the payment due dates for the discounts?

Go to the Financial Calendar.


Can I pay with a credit card?

While we do not recommend that students go into debt, credit card payment is available. There is a 2% transaction fee on every payment made toward the cost of attending Ecola using a credit or debit card over the phone, or in person, by a student or their family member. A payment made by debit card in person does not require the 2% transaction fee.


Is Ecola eligible for Federal Financial Aid?

Because Ecola is not an accredited school we are not eligible for federal aid.


Can I get a tax-deductible receipt for making a tuition payment?

In short, the answer is no. For more information, please read Ecola's Financial Policy regarding tax information.



What is needed to complete an application?

Go to How to Apply and simply follow the directions.


Are there GPA and SAT requirements for admissions?

Ecola does not have a GPA requirement for admissions. SATs are not required. Read the Admissions pages for details.


Can foreign students attend Ecola?

Because Ecola is not an accredited school, and individuals are not able to be issued a student visa to attend, we are unable to accept students who do not have US citizenship.

Student Life,


Does Ecola provide job opportunities for students?

No, but the Cannon Beach Christian Conference Center frequently hires Ecola students, as do many of the local businesses in Cannon Beach and Seaside.


Can students stay in the dorms over breaks?

Dorms will be closed during Christmas and spring breaks, but returning students will be allowed to leave all of their possessions in their rooms while they are gone. Dorms will be open during Thanksgiving and Easter breaks, but no meals will be served in the cafeteria.


Is Internet access available in the dorms?

We do not specifically provide internet access in the dorms, but there is free wireless internet in our student lounge and in the Coach House snack bar on campus.


What furniture is provided in the dorms and what should I bring?

Once accepted into the program you will receive a packet with a list of items to be sure and bring. The dorm rooms include a shared desk, dresser, and closet as well as bunk beds.


So that I can make travel arrangements, when are Ecola’s vacations and significant dates?

See the Academic Calendar.


How can I send mail to a student attending Ecola?

If you are sending mail through the US post office, send mail to the student’s name c/o Ecola Bible College, PO Box 190, Cannon Beach, OR 97110-0190. Because we live in a small town, we do not have door to door mail delivery, and if you send mail to our street address through the US postal service, it will be sent back to you or sent to the dead letter office. Only use our street address (321 Fir Street) for FedEx, UPS, and DHL deliveries.


Where is Ecola located in Cannon Beach?

Ecola is located on the grounds of the Cannon Beach Christian Conference Center at the north end of the town of Cannon Beach.

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