Ecola accepts adult students without regard for race, age, academic history, or denominational affiliation. However, there are several recommendations and restrictions that apply to specific situations which are clarified below.


While our students are most often in the young adult years it is not uncommon to have students attend in the middle years of life, and occasionally during retirement. An applicant must be 18 by the day school begins to be eligible to attend. Those who will not reach their 18th birthday by the day school begins of the term for which they wish to apply, may apply to attend beginning with the term following their 18th birthday, or wait until the following fall.


Ecola does not require a high school diploma as a prerequisite for admission, although a GED is recommended as a minimum academic background. Most of our students are high school graduates, and as such have basic reading, writing, and research skills. These are important to derive the most benefit from the program and to be able to interact with the other students who attend. Individuals with significant deficits in these areas should consider the cost of the program and the benefit they are likely to receive before applying.


Because Ecola is designed to minister exclusively to Christians, those who attend must profess faith in Christ as Savior, and consider themselves to be a Christian.


Although Ecola does not have a denominational affiliation, our doctrinal position is centered in the conservative evangelical tradition. Those from backgrounds which differ significantly may find attendance difficult due to differences in doctrine. While every academic setting will have some theoretical position, the teaching at Ecola in not designed to attack or undermine other positions, but rather to strengthen and illuminate the historic doctrines of the church. Our focus is on the things that unite us rather than those which tend to divide.


Ecola is neither designed nor staffed to accommodate those with criminal backgrounds. It is our desire to maintain a safe and beneficial environment for all enrolled students. However, there are some circumstances where an individual with a minor criminal record may attend. Those who have such a history and desire to attend should contact the office for further details.


Due to the close proximity of the campus to public school, preschool, and daycare facilities, Ecola is unable to accept applicants who have a history of sexual misconduct. For the safety of our students and the children of our community, we reserve the right to conduct complete background checks as part of the application process. Those who do have such a history should not apply.


We sincerely believe that all Christian young adults would benefit from a time of focused Bible study and practical foundation building in their lives. However, it is also true that Ecola is not perfect for everyone. Some have grown in their walk with God and knowledge of His Word to a point where they are ready for training more specifically oriented to their ministry or career goals. Others are not yet ready for the personal discipline and spiritual challenges a year of serious Bible study represents. For these reasons, acceptance into Ecola is based on less traditional criteria than traditional academic programs. In evaluating each application the staff looks for signs that the applicant shows a readiness to attend, good prospects for success in the program, and that the program offers real value to the student.


Once an application has been read and accepted, a letter notifying the applicant will be sent out from our office, usually within a day or two. In some cases it may take longer. Students who are waiting to hear of their status may phone or email to check, especially if it seems that all materials should have arrived. The most common delay is when references are forgotten or misplaced during the rush of summer activities. A simple check with referees is usually enough to get the process moving again.


Once accepted, a non-refundable tuition deposit of $150 will reserve a place in the student body. This assures that those who want to attend are able to, and that those who are unsure won’t keep others out by waiting until just before school begins to drop out. The deposit is simply a prepayment of the tuition fees and is not an additional fee. It will be deducted from the total amount due at registration, or when you make your prepayment. Call or email if you need to know the exact amount due for your payment.